Frequently Asked Questions

by Abhijit | 4th January, 2017

1) Can you share designs over the phone/mail?
–  We love to make this as convenient as possible for our clients but sharing designs over any media is not what we do. We request that you understand that designs are not for free. Unless you are willing to pay for them, do not ask for them.

2) Is it possible to give us an approximate cost by looking at a picture?
–  There are numerous factors that decide the amount of work a tattoo will require, which cannot be judged unless you are present in person. So it becomes very difficult for us to give you an approximate cost, hence the advice to get a consultation done in person.

3) Are there any do’s and don’ts before I get my first tattoo?
–  Yes! Before you get tattooed, we advise you to research your tattoo artist thoroughly. Once you’ve decided who you want to get tattooed by, your second step should be to gather some idea on what you want your tattoo design to be like. We as tattoo artists appreciate if you bring an idea to us and then let us design it for you. Once this is established the other set of instructions you can find in our other blogs.

4) How do you charge?
–  We are often asked a per inch cost. Many artists work on this fundamental of charging you by the inch but at our studio we value your money and our time. We charge you mostly depending on the design. Sometimes small designs are quite complex and detailed and require more time and vice versa. If it is a big project then we also charge by the hour.

5) How long will the tattoo take?
– Honestly, we ourselves can’t be sure of this. The time required depends on various factors like, your skin type, skin tone and the kind of work we are doing etc. Our suggestion to our clients is to not keep a time constraint on the artist. GOOD WORK NEEDS TIME! Won’t you agree? Trust your artist and co-operate with him, after all, the tattoo is as important to him/her as it is to you.

6) Will it hurt?
–  Yes! It will. We’d be lying if we said otherwise. But how much is the question. It is a bearable amount of pain. Depending on the area and one’s pain threshold it may vary from person to person. But no tattoo is unbearable. It is momentary pain that most of us can sit through and all those who can sit through regular parlor procedures.

7) Does it bleed while getting tattooed?
–  Most often it does not. Period!

8) Will I be able to go gymming after my tattoo?
–  If you can’t take a short break from your gymming routine, don’t get tattooed.

9) Will I be able to go to work?
–  Unless your work requires you to do strenuous jobs or dive in the water, you have nothing to worry about.

10) Can I get my family along?
–  We’d be glad if you didn’t. Getting company is good with us but tagging a gang along is not such a good idea since it affects the job. You must’ve heard the saying, “too many cooks spoil the dish”