Tattoo Consultation, Why?

by Abhijit | 4th January, 2017

Thinking of this from a client’s perspective, we understand that a consultation seems like a trip that may or may not be useful and that there are chances your time will be wasted. But yet! A consultation from our point of view is imperative and crucial to your tattoo. Let us tell you why?


1) Firstly, we really need to understand how serious you are about your tattoo before we invest any of our time in it. Now, if you are serious about your tattoo, surely you won’t mind visiting the place you are going to get tattooed at and getting to know the person who’s going to tattoo you. You can learn a lot in person than you can over any other communication media.

2) It allows the artist to understand what will look good on you depending on various factors such as the area you want to get tattooed on, the tone of your skin, the correct size of the design depending on the placement, orientation etc., which is practically impossible to establish over the phone/mail.

3) The consultation helps the artist understand your requirements better by ruling out the designs you DON’T want, by showing you a variety of them, which he/she can’t do over the phone. It will only end up getting you closer to what you want to get done.

4) Keeping some time between your consultation and the tattoo appointment is the best way to go about your tattoo. It allows the artist to work on your design with ample amount of time. Any artist is bound to come up with a better and more creative concept and design if given adequate time. This could actually be applied as a thumb rule to most important things, unless you want to exclude your tattoo from the list of important things.

5) Last but not the least, it is very disrespectful to the artist when you show a dispensable attitude towards their work. It is okay to not get a tattoo from the artist if you don’t like his/her work or idea but it is not courteous to do such a thing over a phone call or mail just because you are not sure and don’t want to waste any of your time. It is devaluing to the artist and his time. If you don’t intend to get tattooed by a person, don’t waste his/her time by asking him/her for designs or any other information. If you are not sure and you want to just check it out then show some respect and meet the artist in person.